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The NEWSY video that I am using for project 4 goes into detail on how much music artists actually make from music. It gives percentages that may shock people. I was surprised at the numbers, I know that the artist did not take in all the revenue but the amount that they actually do get is astonishingly low. There was an example that if a record cost $9 the artist would get a little over a dollar from one record being sold. I find this topic very interesting because I always thought that the artist got a good amount of the money from their songs. But the truth is they don’t. The NEWSY video does a really good job of explaining how the industry works.

Have you ever wondered how much your favorite music artist makes a year? Surely they make a lot of money, artists sell a lot of albums, have hit singles, and do concerts. So naturally they make big bucks, right? Shockingly many artists barley make over $25,000 a year and need a second job to pay their bills. Even big time artists that sell over 750,000 copies of an album will maybe get 20% of the revenue. Many people don’t think about the hidden truth in the music industry.



Seeing Ghost live

I have seen the rock band call Ghost before when they opened for Iron Maiden a couple of summers ago. The band is one of my favorite new rock bands. They have a very unique style, not just in their looks but in their music as well. There is a total of 8 band members, 3 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 2 keyboardist, and the lead singer. All of the band members wear costumers and make-up so fans aren’t truly sure what they look like. Many people might be put off by the way the band looks but it is realy just a facade.

I bought the tickets to see Ghost in June for my best friends birthday. She really likes the band and I wanted her to see them. My boyfriend tagged along as well, he doesnt listen to them much but he did have a really good time at the show.

The band members are very talented and they certainly know how to have a good time and put on a good show. There was no opening act either. The band did a 3 hour set with a small intervention halfway through.

I was really excited to see their headline show, which was called “A Pale Tour Called Death” (super cool). I really enjoy how the band sounded live and they use instruments many other bands don’t, like a saxophone and a keytar. They are so interesting and energetic. I had a great time and was happy I got to spend it will my best friend and boyfriend. I would definitely go see the band for a 3rd time.

Grimm’s Vet visit

Its that time of year where my cat Grimm needed his annual vaccinations. I typically go to a vet office in south Tampa but the past fee times I went I was not pleased with the office so I wanted to find a new vet to take Grimm to.

My boyfriend’s mom had recently taking their cats to get vaccinated and shr really liked the service so I decided to take Grimm there as well. Even though the office is in Brandon and I live in South Tampa.

I got a 9:30 a.m appointment the day after Thanksgiving. I got up early that morning and got out the big cat carrier. I couldn’t find the small one and I dont think Grimm could fit in it anyways. Its not hard to get Grimm in the carrier, he just walks right in. So I took him to the car and drove to Brandon.

At first Grimm meowed a lot during the drive but he calmed down and looked out the window. Usually if someone is with me I will take him out of the carrier and hold him but I was alone this time.

Once we got to the vet it was very simple and quick. I filled out a paper we went into a room and the nurse came in to weigh Grimm. I was astonished he weighs 13 pounds, but he is very long so he doesn’t look it. The vet came in after looked Grimm over, gave him his shot and we went our way home after I payed.

Grimm was very happy to be home, and I am happy he has his vaccinces for another year.

Working at Publix the week of Thanksgiving

I have worked at Publix for 3 years but thus year makes the 4th week of Thanksgiving I have worked. The store I work at is the busiest in the district and even on a normal week is always busy.

Every year I am baffled by the,ammount of people that shop there and the amount of sales that we do. The parking lot is always a nightmare. We share the parking lot with several other businesses so on busy times like this it take about 20 minutes to find a spot. I always leave extra early so I dont end up being late if I can’t find a parking spot.

I worked long days thins week, all 1:30-10:15. Of course I didn’t get off at 10:15 everyday I worked past 11 to get everything done.

The work is fairly easy but the days are long and somtimes it is very frustrating to work with people. Many customers don’t understand how the store works and gets upset with employees and yells at us, all we can fo is just smile and move on. It does feel very rewarding when we get customers that ate nice snf thank us for working during this week.

Carving Pumpkins

Every year for Halloween I always carve pumpkins. I usually get the giant pumpkins from Sam’s Club by the store in South Tampa closed so I couldn’t get them this year. Instead I found some decent sized Pumpkins at the Publix I work at. I got one early in October and another one about a week before Halloween. One of the pumpkins did start to go bsd and get mouldy so we weren’t able to carve it.

On Halloween my boyfriend came over to my house to help me carve the Pumpkins. My boyfriend told me he hadn’t carved pumpkins in s long time so he was excited to help me, and we roasted the pumpkin seeds afterwards for a snack.

My cat Grimm was not very pleased that we carved the pumpkins. He liked to chew on the stems and walk on the pumpkins so seeing them destroyed probably made him a but sad.

Overall everyone had a good time and we got a nice snack after all the hard work.

The Tampa Zoo

For a project in my journalism class were assigned to do photo stories. I decided to go to the zoo for my photo story. On a day wheb we didn’t have class my boyfriend and I went to the Tampa Zoo. My boyfriend had never been before, he is from Kansas, but I use to go all the time when I was a kid. The last time I webt to the zoo was about 4 years ago and I know a lot of work was done so I wasnt sure what to expect. We got there around 2 p.m and the zoo closed at 5. We thought we would have enough time to go through the entire zoo but only got to about half of it. We visited our favorite animals first. We visites the tiger, which is my favorite animal, and the monkeys, which is my boyfriend’s favorite. We had a really good time looking at all of the animals and taking pictures of them. We are definitely going to go back so we can visit the rest of the zoo.

Driving to Jacksonville

In October I drove to Jacksonvill with my dad to visit my step mom. It is a 3-4 hour drive but it’s not too bad because ut is broken up into sections. I took the Salmon to I-4 and then went to I-75 and after that I drove on 60 for a good couple of hours. Whule driving we passed a place called the Orange Shop. Last time I drove to Jacksonville I really wanted to go to the Orange Shop but it was closed. The people who own the shop have their own orange grove and sell all sorts of orange related goodies including orange marmalade, orange juice, orange wine and just plain oranges. There are also other goods in the store like raw honey, which my dad ended up buying. I really enjoyed the trip to Jacksonville, most of the way it driving through small towns and I see a lot of interesting things.

Blog 9

As I was going through the NEWSY site I did like that there were several different categories to go through depending on your interest. I am more interested in the culture and Science and technology categories. Some of the blogs and videos I saw involved music. I am highly interested in music and the impact it has on listeners and the culture. One of the stories I looked at, and the one I picked for my project was about the amount of money that the artists actually get from selling their music. I think this has an interesting story and can open a lot of peoples eyes on the life of a music artists. I also enjoyed seeing movie reviews. Recently I have been going to the movies a lot and I like to see what other people think and what they got out of the movie versus what I thought about the movie. I really enjoyed looking through NEWSY and reading some of the blogs and watching the videos. I like to look at pop culture and see the impact it has on people and NEWSY can help me do that.


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Day of Caring

I have worked at Publix for 3 years now. They are always giving back to the community and offering community service for its associates. I decided I would help volunteer for the Day of Caring. This is the fist volunteer event I have done since I have worked with Publix.

For the Day of Caring my store and one other store in the district went to The Children’s home to help them out for the day. The Children’s home takes in kids that range from infants to 17 years old. These kids have had a rough life, where their parents severally abused them, both mentally and physically.

The volunteer event was on a Friday morning from 8 A.m to 12 P.m. I car pooled with a few of my work associates and we drove to the Children’s Home. On our way there our Store manager, Steve, called and was worried because no one was there yet and wanted to make sure that the event started at 8. Once we got there it was only Steve, our team leader, and the assistant grocery manager. After a few minutes a few more of my stores associates showed up and then the other store showed up. As a whole we were suppose to have 45 volunteers but only 17 people had shown up. That was a little disappointing but we went on with our work.

There were several tasks to do during the day that included clean their cafeteria, the learning center, washing the campus vans, and picking up trash around the campus. My group decided we would first clean the cafeteria and then wash the vans. The only group did the learning center and picked up trash.

I had a lot of fun doing this volunteer event, I learned a lot about the Children’s home and got to give back to the community. This was my first volunteer event and I am excited to do another one.


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