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The NEWSY video that I am using for project 4 goes into detail on how much music artists actually make from music. It gives percentages that may shock people. I was surprised at the numbers, I know that the artist did not take in all the revenue but the amount that they actually do get is astonishingly low. There was an example that if a record cost $9 the artist would get a little over a dollar from one record being sold. I find this topic very interesting because I always thought that the artist got a good amount of the money from their songs. But the truth is they don’t. The NEWSY video does a really good job of explaining how the industry works.

Have you ever wondered how much your favorite music artist makes a year? Surely they make a lot of money, artists sell a lot of albums, have hit singles, and do concerts. So naturally they make big bucks, right? Shockingly many artists barley make over $25,000 a year and need a second job to pay their bills. Even big time artists that sell over 750,000 copies of an album will maybe get 20% of the revenue. Many people don’t think about the hidden truth in the music industry.



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  1. It’s really great that you chose to do this story. A lot of people, when they think about the music industry, just think about the glamour of it all. It is often overlooked how hard artists have to work to really make a living and the toll it takes on their personal lives. Hopefully these articles help adjust the common misconceptions and make us more appreciative of artists.


  2. That is very interesting, I actually wasn’t aware of how low the rate can be for musicians. Not even mentioning that obtaining a job as a starter must be very difficult too. In my opinion, music is art that should be very well rewarded, the world would be so different without it!


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