Working at Publix the week of Thanksgiving

I have worked at Publix for 3 years but thus year makes the 4th week of Thanksgiving I have worked. The store I work at is the busiest in the district and even on a normal week is always busy.

Every year I am baffled by the,ammount of people that shop there and the amount of sales that we do. The parking lot is always a nightmare. We share the parking lot with several other businesses so on busy times like this it take about 20 minutes to find a spot. I always leave extra early so I dont end up being late if I can’t find a parking spot.

I worked long days thins week, all 1:30-10:15. Of course I didn’t get off at 10:15 everyday I worked past 11 to get everything done.

The work is fairly easy but the days are long and somtimes it is very frustrating to work with people. Many customers don’t understand how the store works and gets upset with employees and yells at us, all we can fo is just smile and move on. It does feel very rewarding when we get customers that ate nice snf thank us for working during this week.


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