The Tampa Zoo

For a project in my journalism class were assigned to do photo stories. I decided to go to the zoo for my photo story. On a day wheb we didn’t have class my boyfriend and I went to the Tampa Zoo. My boyfriend had never been before, he is from Kansas, but I use to go all the time when I was a kid. The last time I webt to the zoo was about 4 years ago and I know a lot of work was done so I wasnt sure what to expect. We got there around 2 p.m and the zoo closed at 5. We thought we would have enough time to go through the entire zoo but only got to about half of it. We visited our favorite animals first. We visites the tiger, which is my favorite animal, and the monkeys, which is my boyfriend’s favorite. We had a really good time looking at all of the animals and taking pictures of them. We are definitely going to go back so we can visit the rest of the zoo.


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