Grimm’s Vet visit

Its that time of year where my cat Grimm needed his annual vaccinations. I typically go to a vet office in south Tampa but the past fee times I went I was not pleased with the office so I wanted to find a new vet to take Grimm to.

My boyfriend’s mom had recently taking their cats to get vaccinated and shr really liked the service so I decided to take Grimm there as well. Even though the office is in Brandon and I live in South Tampa.

I got a 9:30 a.m appointment the day after Thanksgiving. I got up early that morning and got out the big cat carrier. I couldn’t find the small one and I dont think Grimm could fit in it anyways. Its not hard to get Grimm in the carrier, he just walks right in. So I took him to the car and drove to Brandon.

At first Grimm meowed a lot during the drive but he calmed down and looked out the window. Usually if someone is with me I will take him out of the carrier and hold him but I was alone this time.

Once we got to the vet it was very simple and quick. I filled out a paper we went into a room and the nurse came in to weigh Grimm. I was astonished he weighs 13 pounds, but he is very long so he doesn’t look it. The vet came in after looked Grimm over, gave him his shot and we went our way home after I payed.

Grimm was very happy to be home, and I am happy he has his vaccinces for another year.


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