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As I was going through the NEWSY site I did like that there were several different categories to go through depending on your interest. I am more interested in the culture and Science and technology categories. Some of the blogs and videos I saw involved music. I am highly interested in music and the impact it has on listeners and the culture. One of the stories I looked at, and the one I picked for my project was about the amount of money that the artists actually get from selling their music. I think this has an interesting story and can open a lot of peoples eyes on the life of a music artists. I also enjoyed seeing movie reviews. Recently I have been going to the movies a lot and I like to see what other people think and what they got out of the movie versus what I thought about the movie. I really enjoyed looking through NEWSY and reading some of the blogs and watching the videos. I like to look at pop culture and see the impact it has on people and NEWSY can help me do that.


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  1. Hi, the music article that you found sounds very interesting. I think life as a musician can be very tough but we tend to glamorize it, so it’s interesting that they share some fact about that. I also agree that the categories that they have are good since it allows people to look at stories that interest them personally.


  2. Hi, Ashton. I have a serious interest in music too and it always amazes me when I look at the life of artists. Music is very powerful and I think more people should really focus on the impact it has on listeners and the artists themselves. It’s great you’ve become interested in movie reviews- these could lead to healthy discussions.


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