Day of Caring

I have worked at Publix for 3 years now. They are always giving back to the community and offering community service for its associates. I decided I would help volunteer for the Day of Caring. This is the fist volunteer event I have done since I have worked with Publix.

For the Day of Caring my store and one other store in the district went to The Children’s home to help them out for the day. The Children’s home takes in kids that range from infants to 17 years old. These kids have had a rough life, where their parents severally abused them, both mentally and physically.

The volunteer event was on a Friday morning from 8 A.m to 12 P.m. I car pooled with a few of my work associates and we drove to the Children’s Home. On our way there our Store manager, Steve, called and was worried because no one was there yet and wanted to make sure that the event started at 8. Once we got there it was only Steve, our team leader, and the assistant grocery manager. After a few minutes a few more of my stores associates showed up and then the other store showed up. As a whole we were suppose to have 45 volunteers but only 17 people had shown up. That was a little disappointing but we went on with our work.

There were several tasks to do during the day that included clean their cafeteria, the learning center, washing the campus vans, and picking up trash around the campus. My group decided we would first clean the cafeteria and then wash the vans. The only group did the learning center and picked up trash.

I had a lot of fun doing this volunteer event, I learned a lot about the Children’s home and got to give back to the community. This was my first volunteer event and I am excited to do another one.



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  1. Hi Ashton! volunteer experience is such an eye-opening, I really admire people that take their time to give back to the community. I used to volunteer for a children with special needs shelter and it changed my life. I learned so much about them. That experience made me feel humble and down-to-earth. I am very glad you had a great time!


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