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A lot of the hyper local news sites that I visited dealt with small events in a community. Many news sites we see deal with larger stories, like the recent Hurricane Micheal that has caused a lot of damage. People all across the country have have more than likely heard of this tragedy. But the hyper local news sites deal with small events, maybe like someone in the community turned 100 years old or a new bakery opened up downtown. A lot of the sites had places for tourist to look at so when they visit that city or town they will know the best places to go. It also included the politics and government of the community, which again not many places will hear about the elections of a small town. I think websites like this are very good for a community. It can make the community feel closer and allow them to feel a sense of importance.


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  1. This is true, and most people don’t want to hear about news in their community as much because many of them just find it boring. Like you said, hyper local news is local news that would be about things in a town. I also agree that it would bring a community closer together because they know what is going on around their town. It’s almost how people were back in the day, where everyone knew everyone in the town and what was going on.


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