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A story I am considering for my Photo Journalism project is a day at the zoo, or the aquarium. I think I would like to photograph the reactions of people when they see animals. I know that with myself, when I see animals I always get really happy and excited. I would like to see what kind of reactions people will have throughout the day when seeing a different variety of animals.

I know some people will be very excited to see animals like tigers, lions, and otters. And with other animals like snakes, bats, and bugs people sort of get grossed out and scared.

I think it will be very interesting and fun to see the different types of reactions people will have when seeing different types of animals. It will definitely tell a story, I’m not sure if I should just stay focused on one person of have several people in the photos.

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  1. It would be cool to see the animals at the zoo. I am most interested in animals like a lion or a fox. I like that we have the chance to see animals that we do not normally see in everyday life. One thing you can probably do, is try to take pictures of how the animals interact with each other along with peoples reactions to those actions.


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