Grimm’s First Birthday


I have a cat named Grimm and his first birthday was on September 27th. I adopted him from the Humane society in 2017. He was only 2 months old at the time. I’m not entirely sure exactly when his birthday is so I just say it is on the day that I adopted him. I mainly remembered when it was because the day before I adopted him I went to a concert to see one of my favorite bands, Nothing More.

It might seem weird to celebrate a cats birthday but he is my only cat and I spoil him so much. For his little birthday party, it was pretty much just me and my dad, and Grimm. I got him some special treats. He loves having the packets of just gravy you can buy for your cats. I get those for him as a treat and he loves them. So naturally i bought him 4 different flavors. I also got some of the paper birthday hats that are in the shape of a cone. He did not really like to wear it but he was super cute in it. I also bought a cupcake and put a candle in. Unfortunately he could not blow the candle out himself so I did it for him. I let him have a small bit of icing and some of the cake. If i let him he would probably eat the whole thing.

It does seem a little odd to do this for a cat but I do think it is important to show how much you care for your pets. Just like with your family you might not be able to show it all the time so it is important to show it on special days like this. 0927182022b_hdr1



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  1. Grimm is so handsome! There is nothing odd about having a birthday party for your pet, they are your family too! I think it is great that you did this for him, Grimm is lucky to have found such a great family. I hope to see more pictures of Grimm on your blog 🙂


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