Game of Thrones Live Concert

I am a very big fan of the HBO show Game of Thrones and the book series A song of Ice and Fire. I have read the books and watched all the seasons of the show several times. It is one of the hobbies I really love and enjoy.

The story is amazing, there are so many twists and shocking moments. The characters are also very lovable and hate able, which makes the story so much more interesting. Another thing that I love about the show is the music. The songs in the show really set the tone of the scene and add a lot of depth to the show as a whole.

Recently I got the chance to go to the Game of Thrones Live Concert. It is a live orchestra that plays the music from the series. It was an amazing experience. I typically go to rock concerts like Iron Maiden and Metallica. So this was a very different experience for me.

I got to hear some of my favorite scores from the series. One of my favorites is called The Rains of Castamere. Hearing that live was so amazing, I was so happy that I got to hear that song and all the other songs from the show.

The conductor even talked a little bit of how he wrote the songs, he said he always watched the episode first and then would write the music to fit the scene. It was great to hear his stories of how he wrote the music.

I would definitely go back to see the orchestra again is they come back to Tampa. This was the second time they have been to Tampa, hopefully it returns again after the final season of Game of Thrones airs.



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