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Publix Supermarkets has recently started offering a Valet service for its customers. Publix is the first grocery store to offer this type of service in the area. Many people have not had this kind of experience at a grocery store and may be interested by the concept, as it is unusual. Many students at HCC work part-time at Publix and even shop at the grocery store. Because of this the valet is relevant in case other stores begin to get the service, students can either work in the valet or use the valet service while shopping. The best way to get information on the topic is to interview associates who work in the valet to get an understanding of how the service works. Another good source would be a customer that has used the valet and get their opinion on the service. In order to complete this story I need to find out how the valet service works, how it got started and and the opinions of associates and customers.


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  1. I like that you are talking about a new system that you have at Publix. I have never seen a Publix that has valet parking so I would be interested in finding out more on how they make it work in that Publix. I also like that you are getting the opinions of both the employees and customers so you get different perspectives of it.


  2. It’s crazy that some Publix’s are offering this service because all I can think about in regards to my local Publix’s is how bad their parking lots and situations are. Once customers get in there it’s like they forgot how to drive like a normal person. I think it’s great and it sounds like a way to further advance Publix in the world of supermarkets.


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