Preparing for the Interview

When thinking about my interview I already knew what I wanted to do. Just the issue was who did I want to interview about the topic. My topic was the new valet service that Publix is offering.

I was unsure if I wanted to interview an associate who works with the valet, a manager, or a customer that uses the valet. I though that maybe if I interviewed a manager they may have been a little bias. Naturally they want people to shop at their store, so I felt that If i interviewed  manager they may tell me that the valet is great even if they dislike the service. I also didn’t think a customer was would be a good choice. Yes, they use the valet service but they are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes and they wouldn’t know how it has affected the business of the store and the true feeling of what people think about it.

So my first preparation was ready. I decided on interviewing one of the associates that work in the valet.

The next thing I needed to prepare was my questions. There are countless questions I could ask about the valet. But some of them seemed irrelevant to the overall topic. Like ‘What is the coolest car you have gotten to drive’. those types of questions I would have to rule out. After I prepared my questions, I just needed to prepare for the interview itself.

For the interview I just made sure I had my questions written down and I made sure that my phone had an audio recorder on it so I could record the interview.



4 thoughts on “Preparing for the Interview

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  1. That is great thinking when you said that some managers might be biased. I think that it can definitely be the case because they can have a strong opinion on their side and would make it very noticeable. If you get your source from an associate, you will be able to get an inside look on it but you will also get the point of view of someone who is just doing their job. I also think it was a good idea that you had your audio recorder on your phone so you can quote your interviewee correctly.


  2. This is the first i’m hearing about Publix doing anything like this, this is such an unique topic to focus your interview around! I think if you had the time to interview a manager and a valet driver, it would’ve been cooler for the story and maybe helped with deciding on questions. I hope your interview went well and you gained a lot of knowledge about how Publix does its valet now.


  3. I like how you decided to interview several regular associates instead of a manager. It would also be interesting to interview some customers and get feedback. Overall im sure this interview went well.


  4. That sounds like it was carefully thought out. You knew exactly what your focus was and prepared accordingly. That was a good call deciding to interview an associate instead of a customer or manager; the customer could really only speak to their personal experience and not the inner workings of the system. You were also right about not asking “what’s the coolest car…”, it might have been fun but irrelevant to the topic.


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