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Everyone had heard of a shopped at Florida’s most famous grocery store, Publix. Publix is known for its outstanding customer service and great deals in-store. People often claim they do not shop at this grocery chain for the prices, but for the customer service and the services that are  offered. Publix has recently started offering a valet service. Yes, that’s right. A valet service at a grocery store. Publix is constantly thriving to provide new and better services for its customers, and the valet is just one of those new and exciting  services.

The most interesting part of the valet service is to see how it affects the customers, associates, and even the store and surrounding stores. Surly people have strong and interesting feelings and observations about a grocery store that has a valet service.

Here are some questions I will be asking my interviewee, which works at one of the stores with the valet and also works in the valet.

  1. How long has it been since the valet has been introduced to the store?
  2. Since the introduction of the valet how has it affected the business of the store?
  3. How has the valet affected the business of other stores in the area?
  4. How have customers responded to the valet service?
  5. Has the valet had a lot of business?
  6. How do managers and higher-ups feel about the valet?
  7. How do other store associates feel about the valet?
  8. How do you feel about the valet?
  9. Do you think that that Publix should offer this service?
  10. Do you think the valet service will last? Where do you see it being in a year?


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  1. Hi Ashton – I had no idea that Publix started offering a valet service! Publix always offers to help people out to their car with groceries, and while most people turn down the offer, a lot of elderly people take them up on it, so I can see this being something they would love. I am really interested in seeing how your interview turns out because I think this could be a really great service to offer. It adds a little something extra to your grocery shopping experience. Good luck!


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