Who I Want To Interview

One person I would like to interview is Tobias Forge. He is the front man of a Swedish metal band called Ghost. The band itself is very fascinating and different from other bands in the same genre of music and the music they create is new and refreshing. I have seen the band live before and they are amazing performers and their look is so unique.

I would like to interview Tobias Forge because he is the only band member that really leaves an impression on the fans. All of the other band members wear a mask. He does wear a lot of make-up, however he still talks and communicates with the fans. The band and Tobias intrigue me, and I would love to know what has inspired him to be a front man for such an interesting band.

Some questions I would like would like to ask Tobias would be what inspired him. I would like to know what kind of music he listened to that inspired him to write music and what inspired him on the look of Ghost. The first time I saw the band they were touring with Iron Maiden, I would like to ask Tobias if he is a fan of Iron Maiden and what he thought about touring with them. I would also like to ask him about his band members, which are called the Nameless Ghouls. All of the band members are very talented and I would like to ask him how he knows them, and how well they write and practice music together.

The band Ghost is very fascinating to me and I would love to learn more about the band and its front man Tobias Forge.


Image result for ghost band


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