My Introduction


My name is Ashton, I am 21 and have lived in Tampa my whole life. I am majoring in Mass Communications at Hillsborough Community college. Fall 2018 will be my last semester at HCC. I just applied for graduation, after I receive my A.A, I am hoping to continue my education at USF and go into their Advertising or Marketing programs.

I am currently working at a Publix in South Tampa, I am a cashier and have been training in the front office to be a Customer Service Staff. I have also worked in other departments in the store like the bakery, produce, liquor store, and recently my store got a valet so I have also been doing valet work. It is fun and good to have this experience by working in so many departments.

In my free time I enjoy going to Disney World, I am an annual pass-holder and I go every chance I get. One of my favorite things about being a pass holder is that I can get free pass-holder magnets, there are several different magnets that are only available for a short period of time. I also enjoy going to concerts, the last concert I went to was a few weeks ago and I saw Breaking Benjamin. Next month I will be going to a live Game of Thrones orchestra. I also really love animals. I use to work at a pet store and learned a lot about caring for a wide variety of animals. Right now I only have a cat named Grimm and my guinea pig Georgia.

This is me in a nutshell! I look forward to learning about all of you! And I look forward to blogging. I have never done blogs before so it will be something new and exciting. I hope.I can learn a lot from it and gain some new experiences.




4 thoughts on “My Introduction

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  1. Hi, Ashton that’s good you’ve worked in many departments as it gives you good experience early on. Also it is pretty cool that you’re a pass holder and you get to enjoy the park and concerts. I like how you have a guinea pig not many people you know can say they own one.


  2. Hi ashton ,
    going to a game of thrones orchestra concert sounds so cool ! game of thrones is one of my favorite shows . your pets have such awesome names .
    good luck on your future studies after hcc !


  3. Hi Ashton!
    I think it’s cool that you have been able to train in many different departments because it gives you more experience to put on a resume some day. I also find it cool that you would like to go into advertising because it sounds like a very interesting career choice. I wish you the best in your advertising or marketing studies in the future!


  4. Hi Ashton,

    I enjoyed reading your introduction. The Pass-holder thing was interesting. I didn’t know there was such a thing. As a concert-lover myself I think it’s really also cool that you will be going to a live game of thrones orchestra, which will probably be a very memorable and unique concert. Good luck with you future studies and careers!


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